[QBS] Exception in Exception handling

Mark Kromis torisankitsune at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 22:32:58 CEST 2013

When using qbs on windows, I had to include a dot net dll. Not much of a
choice for company reasons. I created a separate static library that seems
to work well, except for the way Microsoft handles exceptions for dot net
assemblies. My temporary solution was to modify msvc.js to tweak the
exception handling in this one library to the following...
>  // enable unwind semantics
>     if (!cxxFlags.contains('/clr')) {
>                 args.push("/EHsc")
>     }

It was previously just...

>  // enable unwind semantics
>  args.push("/EHsc")

My thought was that you could add an exception specific property, for
example, as an override in case this would happen in a different use case.
cpp.exception: '/EHa'


Mark Kromis
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