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Charley Bay charleyb123 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 18:13:48 CET 2013

Jake sayeth:

> > I'm not that great at 3D modeling and but I spent a few minutes doing a
> basic
> > example. Here's a screenshot showing what I'm talking about. So... let
> me know
> > what you think!

Good idea to do this!


> so far i was always thinking of something more chaotic: a red, green and
> blue cube "free-falling".
> but i kinda like your more "structured" approach. i wouldn't even play
> with the colors - the "industrial" look of your design conveys stability
> - or something like that. ^^  also, it's easier to print on a t-shirt. :D

+1 ... I think we can/should combine them -- "structured/orthogonal"
placement, but some edges or something represented through that
"chaotic-dissolving-disspating-free-form-wisps" of color.

Jörg sayeth:

> +1 for the impossible-to-solve Rubik's cube. :)


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