[QBS] state and future of qbs

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 13:39:36 CET 2013

Hi  Jörg,


>>  I checked qbs a few days ago, when I tried to create a qbs plugin for 
> KDevelop,
>>  and I think I've found an issue regarding platforms/profiles settings.
>>  It seems that platforms and profiles are independent from each other, but I 
> think
>>  profiles should be linked to  platforms(toolchanins). I can not use x86 qt 
> to
>>  compile arm apps !
>>  IMHO a better approach is to use something similar to QtCreator Kits, every
>>  kit will contain a single toolchain and one or more qt 
> "profiles".
> Profiles are actually linked to platforms. They are aggregated.
> I.e. profile "myQt5" can aggregate platform "x86".
> The Qt build in "myQt5" better points to a Qt build for x86 of course.
> It's not so different from what Qt Creator has. A Kit is linked to a Qt 
> version and a toolchain.
> To link a profile to a platform one must set the qbs.platform property in the 
> profile to the desired platform name.

So you are saying that profiles are something similar with qtc kits, right?
I didn't find a tool that I can use to set "qbs.platform" to a profile.
I added to my qbs profiles qt5 for android but when I tried to compile/link
qsb is using my host gcc, which of course is incompatible with arm libs :)
A little more information on this matter will be very appreciated :)



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