[QBS] List of auxiliary source files in Qt Creator project tree

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 20:30:52 CEST 2013

2013/7/1 Christian Kandeler <christian.kandeler at digia.com>:
> AFAIK, there is currently work being done on also showing files included
> by project files (something like "functions.js" that you will probably
> have in non-trivial projects).

Creator is currently watching those files for changes only and will
trigger a reparse if any of them changes. They are not listed in the
tree (if they do not contain projects/products/groups/etc.), and I
have not had a good idea yet on where to put them. I am rather
undecided so far wether they need to be displayed at all and would
much prefer having good "follow symbol" navigation for the imports,
etc. in qbs files. That would make the need for having all buildsystem
related files in the projects tree go away.

>> That also leads me to a further question of how we might be able to control this more generally.
>> Perhaps we could have a PropertyOptions bool property that would cause a property's file(s)
>> to be listed in an IDE's project tree if its type is path or pathList?

The projects view in Qt Creator is meant to visualize your build
system. It is *not* intended as some generic navigation aid, even if
many people seem to use it in that way. We should provide a highly
configurable "navigation view" in the sidebar for those users. Please
read up on the Locator (Ctrl-K) if you are one of them;-).

We need a pretty straight view of the build system structure to
eventually do things like "add a file into this group" or "add a group
to this product". I do not see how this can be done with a
configurable view.

> Well... I'm not sure. The property is called "files", not "sourceFiles".
> So having e.g. a group called "packaging stuff" or whatever it is does
> not seem wrong or weird to me.

I fully agree with Christian here. You can even have more than one
group if that makes sense, maybe "Readmes and ChangeLogs" in addition
to the "packaging stuff". Much nicer than what we have now;)

Best Regards,

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