[QBS] New item ProductFolder

Joerg Bornemann joerg.bornemann at digia.com
Tue Jun 4 10:10:26 CEST 2013

On 03/06/2013 20:32, Jochen Becher wrote:

> Of course nested projects could also be done. But especially the
> implementation within qbs source code makes nested projects not the
> first choice to me (ResolvedProjects contains attributes and methods
> which are really only used from the top-level project and will not make
> any sense within a nested project, won't they?)

Sure, that's how it looks now. But the code can be changed.

> Furthermore I would like to allow having ProjectFolder as a root element
> within a referenced qbs file (currently only product is allowed here).
> Having a Project as a root element in referenced qbs files would
> introduce some kind of fuzziness of the project/product concept.

No, it must be possible to reference a subproject that can be built as 
stand-alone project as well. This would be impossible with the 
ProjectFolder approach.
Also, I don't want to enforce the Project item in qbs files that are 
referenced as subproject. In that case that SubProject thingy basically 
acts as logical grouping for display purposes, very much like a folder.



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