[QBS] Questions about QBS best practices

Smirnov Vladimir mapron at yandex.ru
Fri Jun 14 14:36:07 CEST 2013

14.06.2013 19:48, Orgad Shaneh пишет:
> Use 2.8, master.hasn't been merged for quite a while.
Ok, i rebuild and see now. It is not so crear (as System environment 
editor), is it right that i should duplicate all environment setings
such as ( env.mainPath:'/home/mapron/qt1/' 
env.path2:'/home/mapron/qt2/'  env.path3:'/home/mapron/qt3/'  ) for 
example (there are mush more paths in a real case) ?
So, i have these build profiles:
-Qt4 release msvc2010
-Qt4 debug msvc2010
-Qt5 release msvc2012 64
-Qt5 debug msvc2012 64
-Qt5 release mingw
-Qt5 debug mingw

Are you sure i should six times duplicate just the same settings?
Okay, some customization became POSSIBLE now, but is ... annoying again.
Maybe it will be suitable have possibility to set base profile (where 
all the path already set) in such manner:
" baseProfile:myCustomProfile"
i just tried this and noticed it had no effect - inheritance in 
properties no handled as profiles, it's just config settings( i've quick 
look in a code).

What do you think is correct way now?

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