[QBS] Questions about QBS best practices

Smirnov Vladimir mapron at yandex.ru
Sat Jun 15 09:54:43 CEST 2013

15.06.2013 16:32, Tobias Hunger :
> If those values are the same all the time, why are they configurable 
> in the first place?Can't you just set sane defaults 
yes, i do that, and it reduces the number of directories. But at least 
five directories is still minimum to build whole solution. They all 
differs on all developer machines...
So what about idea of base profile setup ? it could be suitable for me...

> My feeling is that we should *not* mix system wide settings (compiler, 
> etc.) with project specific settings like (use path X for 
> configuration files, etc.). The profile is not the right place for the 
> latter kind of configuration IMHO. We should have good support for 
> configuring Qbs project in creator. I have not looked into probes, 
> etc. yet, so I have not yet made up my mind on what the best way for 
> doing that is. I would like to have something that works well for both 
> plain qbs and qbs-in-QtC here. Best Regards, Tobias 

I have some more questions:
-i have two versions of boost (1.47 and 1.53), and two versions of QWT 
(which are incompatible).  i also should include some more config vars 
to build projects depending on different versions... i don't know how to 
make configs pretty clear in qbs (or even any other build system).
Yes, i understand  that most straightforward way - refactoring code, 
reorganizing etc, but we have small dev team, such changes not so fast...
-how should we organize such "external" dependencies (boost, etc) ? 
Modules? Probes?  Global config (project?) vars ? something else?
Qbs has some docs on how-to make qmake-like features. But qt creator 
itself could not cover all use cases, so until qbs is not widely 
spreaded, it could be tight.

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