[QBS] Disable load specific modules

Aleksey Sidorov gorthauer87 at yandex.ru
Wed Mar 13 13:14:59 CET 2013

1. Yes.
2. I found the cause of this problem: in my project i have an qbs subdirectory in project with structure:


And for some reason it tries to load test.qbs without any request on my part. Simple example is in attachments.

3. It would be useful to create the equivalent of configure options such as --enable-foo or --with-bar. 

13.03.2013, 14:29, "Joerg Bornemann" <joerg.bornemann at digia.com>:
> On 13/03/2013 10:19, Aleksey Sidorov wrote:
>>  Earlier, I turned off modules using by
>>  Module {
>>       name: "foo"
>>       condition: false
>>  }
>>  But now i have an error:
>>  ERROR: Module foo could not be loaded.
> Well it cannot be loaded, because the condition is false, right?
>>  Or more strange errors like:
>>  ERROR: Unknown property: qbs.architecture
> I cannot help you with this one without further details.
>>  How i can disable module's dependences by condition to create soft dependencies?
> Unfortunately I don't know what soft dependencies you're talking about.
> Could you please elaborate a bit on your use case?
> Cheers,
> Joerg
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