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Orgad Shaneh orgads at gmail.com
Thu May 23 08:21:08 CEST 2013


I would like to use qbs for my project.

The project consists of 2 static libraries (call them lib1 and lib2) and a
target executable (call it app).

I need some advice regarding the preferred qbs project structure.

   1. lib1 and app share some of the defines and include paths (lib2 is
   somewhat disjoint).
   2. I have multiple build variants. All of them are debug builds, but
   each variant uses a different define and 2 of the variants exclude some of
   the source files.
   3. I would like to have some sort of configuration that outsources the
   actual build operation to an external script. I do need though to have
   defines and include paths correctly parsed (in Creator) and for external
   builds I also have multiple configurations (some flags are strings, some
   are booleans). With qmake I use PRE_TARGETDEPS and place the sources in a
   dummy scope. Is there a way to do this with qbs?
   4. The include paths list is quite long. Is there a way to use a
   wildcard for it like it is done for sources?

- Orgad
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