[QBS] Exception in Exception handling

Epting, Thomas thomas.epting at stryker.com
Wed Sep 11 12:06:14 CEST 2013

> > My thought was that you could add an exception specific property,
> > example, as an override in case this would happen in a different use
> > cpp.exception: '/EHa'

I agree, in our specific case we also need to derive from the default
'/EHsc', even though we're not using CLR.

> You're right that the /EHsc switch should not be added unconditionally
to the
> compiler command line. We need a property for enabling CLR and make
> that we do not add conflicting command line switches.

>  I'm not so sure about a dedicated property for the /EH switches. At
least I can't
> think of proper property and value names at the moment.

What about a property called "exceptionHandling"? Possible values could
e.g. be "default" (for VC, option /EHsc is created) or "none" (in which
case no compiler option is generated). If needed, a compiler specific
cFlag can be used in addition to exceptionHandling: "none". I think this
approach nicely covers the 95% case on Windows (where /EHsc is what you
want) and enables you to change the option if you have specific needs.
Another approach would be values describing the kind of exception
handling (e.g. "cppOnly" aka /EHsc, "all" aka "/EHa").



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