[QBS] QBS not compiling with our compiled Qt version

olivier musse olivier.musse at sfr.fr
Fri Dec 5 14:38:09 CET 2014

Hi Christian,

We will now build with prefix and install for sure. I just  would like 
to clarify this point for users like us which compile on windows using 
default configure options and who will fight like us with this issue. 
Trust me, we are perhaps not as experts as you, but this was not so 
simple for us to understand the final reason this issue.

What .pri file are you talking about?
After analyzing a little (as I already said, without your expertize), it 
seems there is an include issue if we do not install.
What is strange and not so good (to my point of view) is that there is 
no issue at all to work with qmake on windows without installing and it 
does not work with QBS.


Le 05/12/2014 14:24, Christian Kandeler a écrit :
> On 12/05/2014 02:14 PM, olivier musse wrote:
>> If we do not install  : qbs is not working : we got the "Module
>> "Qt/designer-private" could not be loaded" if we add dependency to
>> module DesignerComponents
> And why is that? Is there no pri file for this module? (And why don't
> you just do a prefix build and install it?)
> Christian
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