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On 2014-06-03, at 05:07 PM, William Gallafent <william at gallaf.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Coming back to QBS after a break, I found that some of my checks for
> “qbs.targetOS” were no longer working … because “mac” which I was
> previously using has become “osx” in the current version (1.2.1).
> When I consulted the documentation at
> http://qt-project.org/doc/qbs-1.2/qbs-module.html#targetos I noticed
> that the list of possible values for target OS is not sorted
> alphabetically, which seems a bit odd! Anyway, just thought I'd not
> this change in the list for the sake of the archive in case anybody
> else hits the same problem.
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> Bill Gallafent.
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The targetOS values are sorted by inheritance order. For example [osx, darwin, bsd4, bsd, unix] is sorted from "most specific" to "most generic".
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