[QBS] qbs.targetOS property

William Gallafent william at gallaf.net
Tue Jun 3 23:27:53 CEST 2014

On 3 June 2014 22:13, Jake Petroules <jake.petroules at petroules.com> wrote:
> The targetOS values are sorted by inheritance order. For example [osx, darwin, bsd4, bsd, unix] is sorted from "most specific" to "most generic".

That's interesting … where does that sorting apply?

What I was referring to was the following. It looks almost
alphabetical to me (taken from the documentation page I linked):

one or more of: "aix", "android", "blackberry", "bsd", "bsd4", "bsdi",
"cygwin", "darwin", "dgux", "dynix", "freebsd", "hpux", "hurd",
"integrity", "ios", "ios-simulator", "irix", "linux", "lynx", "osx",
"msdos", "nacl", "netbsd", "openbsd", "os2", "os2emx", "osf", "qnx",
"qnx6", "reliant", "sco", "solaris", "symbian", "ultrix", "unix",
"unixware", "vxworks", "windows", "windowsce", "windowsphone", "winrt"

… except that it looks as if “osx” has been used to replace “mac” (or
maybe “macx”) without then reordering the list :)

Bill Gallafent.

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