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olivier musse olivier.musse at sfr.fr
Tue May 13 13:57:37 CEST 2014

Hi Joerg,

First thanks, its really amazing to see how people answer quick and 
precisely in this list. Hope I will be one day able to help also.
- About post build process, your solution is working nice but I do not 
understand : I can understand that inputs is "application" filetags but 
why do I need to change my product type to "myapp" and set it as output 
of the rule. May you explain me that point ?
- windeployqt is amazing and works perfectly. I tried it in the post 
build process as followed


             Artifact  {

                 fileName:  input.baseName

                 fileTags:  "myapp"


             prepare:  {

                 var  cmd  =  new  Command("windeployqt",  input.fileName);

                 cmd.description  =  "Post  build  process"  +  input.fileName;

                 cmd.highlight  =  "Post  build  processing";

                 return  cmd;


But in fact I would like to deploy not after the build but after application deployment step
Group  {
             name:  "MyApplication"
             fileTagsFilter:  "application"
             qbs.install:  true
             qbs.installDir:  "bin"
How can I do that ?

- About install-root, yes I would like to affect it from the qbs file itself.
In fact I'm using Qcreator plugin and the install-root is defined in qbs.user which we do not share among developer (subversion) : I read that it is not good to share this file.
Moreover I need to deploy in many different directory (one for the final product, one for the test environnement) which are always relative to the main qbs file.
So I would like to be able to deploy in subfolders of the qbs file without taking into account the install-root defined automatically in qbs.user file by QCreator.
Perhaps I'm not thinking the right way but this is how we were working with qmake.

> On 13-May-14 10:37, olivier musse wrote:
>> If somebody have time to help hereafter is a list of questions :
>> - When compiling a project with QBS it always start a command windows.
>> How to remove this behavior?
> You can set consoleApplication to false in your product. That will 
> result in adding the /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS switch to the linker.
>> - How can I perform a post link process as it can be done with
> There's not a post link step in qbs.
> But you can achieve the same by doing these steps:
>    - set your product type to something like "myapp"
>    - create a rule that takes "application" as input and creates 
> "myapp" outputs
>    - specify your post link commands in that rule
>> - what is the simplest way to install the list of Qt libraries (only
>> needed ones) beside the executable ?
> In Qt5 is a tool named windeployqt for that purpose. That's not 
> restricted to qbs and can be used independent of the build tool.
>> - is there any way to override the install root from the qbs file ?
> The install root is passed as parameter to the "qbs install" command.
> E.g. qbs install --install-root C:\somewhere\else
> This is usually an absolute path on the build machine which is most 
> likely unknown to the author of the project files.
> You want to set the default for that in your project file?
> BR,
> Joerg

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