[QBS] Again is not started an Rule from the Module

Denis Shienkov denis.shienkov at gmail.com
Fri May 16 10:35:48 CEST 2014

Hi guys..

I want to create the separate module for support of Keil compiler to
assembly of my Embedded project. I inherit the module from the Module, but
not from the CppModule because my module has to be in directory
"/qbs/modules" of my project (besides, I can not able to inherit from the
CppModule because in this case need to specify a full patch to the
CppModule.qbs file, because the CppModule impossible to import, it is
private.. yes?).

For a start I would like to implement only a call of the compiler (c51.exe)
for compilation of one source file (blinky.c) to the object file

I'm use the QtCreator v 3.1 with integrated Qbs (by default).

My project has the following contents:

== keil_qbs/keil_qbs.qbs ==

import qbs 1.0

Project {

    qbsSearchPaths: "qbs"

    references: [ "blinky/blinky.qbs" ]


== keil_qbs/blinky/blinky.qbs ==

import qbs.base 1.0

Product {

    name: "test"

    type: "obj"

    Depends { name: "keil" }

    keil.toolchainInstallPath: "c:/Keil/"

    keil.platform: "C51"

    keil.vendor: "Philips"

    files: [ "blinky.c" ]


== keil_qbs/qbs/modules/keil/KeilModule.qbs ==

import qbs 1.0

import qbs.File

import qbs.FileInfo

import "../utils.js" as ModUtils

Module {

    additionalProductTypes: [ "obj" ]

    condition: qbs.hostOS.contains("windows")

    property path toolchainInstallPath: ""

    property path toolchainInstallRoot: toolchainInstallPath +
platform + "/bin/"

    property string compilerName: "c51.exe"

    property string compilerPath: compilerName

    property string linkerName: "bl51.exe"

    property string linkerPath: linkerName

    property string platform: ""

    property string vendor: ""

    validate: {

        if (!toolchainInstallPath)

            throw "keil.toolchainInstallPath is not defined. Set
keil.toolchainInstallPath in your profile.";

        if (!toolchainInstallRoot)

            throw "keil.toolchainInstallRoot is not defined. Set
keil.toolchainInstallRoot in your profile."


    setupBuildEnvironment: {

        var v = new ModUtils.EnvironmentVariable("PATH", ";", true);





    Rule {

        id: compiler

        inputs: [ "c" ]

        Artifact {

            fileName: ".obj/" + product.name + "/" +
input.baseDir.replace(':', '') + "/" +
FileInfo.baseName(input.filePath) + ".obj"

            fileTags: [ "obj" ]


        prepare: {

            var args = [];

            // input source file name


            // include paths

            var commonIncludePath = ModUtils.moduleProperty(product,

                    + "/" + ModUtils.moduleProperty(product,
"platform") + "/INC/";

            var vendorIncludePath = commonIncludePath +
ModUtils.moduleProperty(product, "vendor");

            var includePaths = [];



            args.push("INCDIR(" + includePaths.join(";") + ")");

            // output object file name

            args.push("OBJECT(" +
FileInfo.toWindowsSeparators(output.filePath) + ")");

            var cmd = new Command(ModUtils.moduleProperty(product,
"compilerPath"), args);

            cmd.description = "compiling " + FileInfo.fileName(input.filePath);

            cmd.highlight = "compiler";

            cmd.workingDirectory = FileInfo.path(output.filePath);

            return cmd;




but with this implementation, nothing happens, no Rule running..

So, what I should to change to solve my problem? I do not understand..

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