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Kandeler Christian Christian.Kandeler at theqtcompany.com
Mon Nov 3 15:08:24 CET 2014

Can you please also paste the .pri file for your module in mkspecs/modules?


From: Stéphane Fabry <sf at xris.eu>
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To: Kandeler Christian; qbs at qt-project.org
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The prl file is present, here is the content:
QMAKE_PRL_BUILD_DIR = C:/xris/maestro_qbs/qtparameter/src/parameter
QMAKE_PRO_INPUT = parameter.pro
QMAKE_PRL_CONFIG = lex yacc depend_includepath testcase_targets import_plugins import_qpa_plugin incremental_off windows qt warn_on release link_prl incremental flat precompile_header autogen_precompile_source debug_and_release embed_manifest_dll embed_manifest_exe copy_dir_files release shared rtti no_plugin_manifest qpa win32 msvc pcre release compile_examples sse2 sse3 ssse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 avx avx2 largefile prefix_build force_independent create_prl link_prl prepare_docs qt_docs_targets no_private_qt_headers_warning QTDIR_build exceptions_off testcase_exceptions release ReleaseBuild Release build_pass git_build need_fwd_pri qt_install_module qt_install_headers qmake_cache target_qt debug_and_release build_all create_cmake skip_target_version_ext release ReleaseBuild Release build_pass have_target dll exclusive_builds no_autoqmake thread uic opengl moc resources

The only difference with for example QtNetwork prl is the first line with the QMAKE_PRL_BUILD_DIR entry.



PS: Sorry for the delay, I had a week off.

Le 23-10-14 17:25, Christian Kandeler a écrit :

On 10/23/2014 05:07 PM, Stéphane Fabry wrote:

I have a custom "Qt module" that is a module compiled and installed in
qt directory just like any other qt module (eg serialport).

When I try to use QBS and put a "Depends { name: "Qt.mymodule" }"
it reach a problem where "libFilePath" is not defined.

 > I found out that in the "module.qbs" that is generated by QtCreator
 > (in user appData directory) the libFilePath is not filled for that
 > module. All other modules of Qt have the path correctly defined, but
 > for mine it is empty.

That probably means that your module generates no prl file. qbs requires
one to be present to find out the file path of the library.


I can fill it by hand and it solves the problem but i would like it to
be done automatically.
I build and install the module by the classic 'qmake' 'make' 'make
install' process.

I found this change, but I'm not sure it is linked to the problem or

If someone has an hint to the solution... Thanks :)


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