[QBS] Post Build process to install_name_tool

olivier musse olivier.musse at sfr.fr
Thu Sep 4 17:33:09 CEST 2014

Hi Everybody,

With QBS 1.3 we are trying to defined a post build process on our 
product (a dynamiclibrary) to call install_name_tool in order to change 
some library dependencies.
For that we defined the following rule (MyLib is defined as a type of 
the product)

         inputs:  ['dynamiclibrary']

         Artifact  {

             filePath:  input.filePath

             fileTags:  "MyLib"}

         prepare:  {




When doing that, we get a conflict rule message with the internal qbs 
file (GenericGCC.qbs:113:18)
Apparently this is because our rule as the same file as input and output.
With previous version of QBS it was possible to do it.

Is there any solution to do what we want.
Many thanks in advance for help



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