[QBS] Rule generating lots of files

Stephan Gatzka stephan.gatzka at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 07:25:48 CEST 2015

Hi all,

thanks for the hints.

Unfortunately, I can't go for a) of b) because the tool doesn't provide
a dry run mode and in addition the tool takes it's time...

> This is the (b) scenario that Christian mentioned above. While this
> sounds somewhat convoluted, it's necessary in order to properly track
> all files and their dependencies in the qbs build graph. I also have a
> pending optimization to allow the generated artifacts to be moved into
> place (renamed) to the destination paths semi-automatically in order
> to reduce build time by running the tool only once instead of twice
> (similar to scenario (c) but doesn't have the disadvantage of
> modifying files corresponding to build graph nodes in what *should* be
> a read-only operation).

That sounds interesting. If this is in the master I'd like to try it
out. Meanwhile I have to go for version c) (run the BSP generator in the
outputArtifacts script).



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