[QBS] How to contribute to updating the documentation

William Gallafent william at gallaf.net
Mon Jun 8 11:34:47 CEST 2015

Hi Jake,

Thanks for the warning of impending change, and thanks for your work
in this area! :)

Having got things working with the existing variables for the time
being, and continuing my quest, I had a quick look at that changeset,
and didn't see anything there related to architecture, so far so good,
that's an orthogonal issue to that of signing/provisioning … but
still, it's all grist to the mill of getting seamless iOS builds using
QBS. So, …

… QBS 1.4.0, when set up against a vanilla Qt 5.5 beta iOS build, sets
cpp.architecture config variable to “arm” for that Qt config, which
leads to “-arch arm” being passed to the tools. This (or some other
side-effect I haven't spotted) creates armv4t binaries, which are not
particularly helpful, particularly when Qt wasn't built for that
architecture at all!

Clearly what we actually would like is to have the default being the
/set of/ architectures for which the Qt being used was built - in this
case, with a vanilla build, that's arm7v and arm64.

Is there another patch waiting in the wings to get this architecture
stuff a bit clearer? This is clearly necessary for iOS, but would be
nice for Mac OS too.

Thanks again,

Bill Gallafent.

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