[QBS] QTCreator upgrade regression

Mike Noe mikenoe at centurylink.net
Sat May 21 20:37:12 CEST 2016

I just upgraded to QTCreator 4 on openSUSE TW and I have what seems to 
be  a regression.

I have a qbs file (mcwswidgets.qbs) in a folder (../qbs_files) that 
defines a module that imports a bunch of group qbs files:

import qbs
import "../../../mcwswidgets/mcwsplugin.qbs" as mcwsPlugin
import "../../../mcwswidgets/playerdisplay.qbs" as PD
import "../../../mcwswidgets/connectdlg.qbs" as Connect
import "../../../mcwswidgets/trackdisplay.qbs" as TD
import "../../../mcwswidgets/detailview.qbs" as dvDocker
import "../../../mcwswidgets/playeroptions.qbs" as PO
import "../../../mcwswidgets/volumecontrol.qbs" as Volume
import "../../../mcwswidgets/playlistdock.qbs" as plDocker

Module {
     Depends { name: "cpp" }
     // have to include mcwswidgets because the designer uses the 
subfolders paths for the include in the ui_* file
     cpp.includePaths: ["../mcwswidgets","../mcwswidgets/mcwsplugin"]

Then, in my project, I "depend" on this as such:

Project {
     name: "MCWS Remote GUI"
     qbsSearchPaths: ["../qbs_files"]
     QtApplication {
         name: "mcwsRemote"
         Depends { name: 'Qt'; submodules: ['widgets','network','dbus'] }
//        Depends { name: "mcws_static" }
         Depends { name: "mcws" }
         Depends { name: "mcwswidgets" }

With QTCreator 3.6, which I guess included an earlier version of QBS, 
this would bring in the Groups to my project.  Now, they are not 
automatically brought in via the Depends.   I'm not sure if this is a 
regression or some mechanism has changed such that this is no longer 
supported with the QBS that ships with QTCreator 4.

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