[Qbs] Compiling QtCreator QbsProjectManager plugin with Qbs

Wolfgang Baron Wolfgang.Baron at gmx.net
Tue Feb 28 00:22:08 CET 2017

Am 22.02.2017 um 10:37 schrieb Christian Kandeler:
> On 02/21/2017 08:15 PM, Wolfgang Baron wrote:
>>> Note that products can get force-disabled if a (recoverable) error is
>>> encountered when loading them, such as a missing dependency. You should
>>> see a warning message in that case, though.
> So this was indeed it, according to what you write below: The Creator
> plugin was force-disabled because the qbscore dependency was missing.
>> Thanks for the idea, but I did the git thing. It is QtScript, which
>> appears to be missing. Qbs seems to still depend on this deprecated
>> module. However, I cannot install it successfully. Trying to install it
>> results in the following error:
>> ---------------------------
>> Installer Error
>> ---------------------------
>> Error during installation process (qt.58.qtscript.win32_msvc2015):
>> Could not find the needed
>> QmakeOutputInstallerKey(qt.58.win32_msvc2015_qmakeoutput) value on the
>> installer object. The ConsumeOutput operation on the valid qmake needs
>> to be called first.
>> ---------------------------
>> Retry   Ignore   Cancel
>> ---------------------------
> Well, that's obviously an installer bug. According to
> https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-47275, it also appears with other
> components. You might want to comment on and/or vote for that issue.
Thanks Christian, I did and I installed QtScript from the source. Now 
all modules are able to translate. The translated Qt-Creator does not 
know any kits though and generally behaves a bit odd. I will be trying 
QtcDevPlugin to see, if things run smoother.
>> Maybe a bit more explicit output would be nice, telling me what else was
>> disabled because of these warnings (it tells me about qbscore, not about
>> QbsProjectManager or whatever else I do not know about).
> According to the code, you should have gotten two warnings here: One
> saying something like "Product qbscore had errors and was disabled", and
> one saying "Disabling product QbsProjectManager, because it depends on
> disabled product qbscore". You are saying you only got the former?
I get this reaction after installing QtScript. I have to delete the .bg 
cache file in the build directory to force a complete reevaluation, 
which removes the warning and makes qbscore and QbsProjectManager 
compilable again.

Meanwhile I found the reason for the problem for which I started 
debugging Qt-Creator in the first place. When Autotests get their 
sources through a module (I created a module, which automatically adds 
all .cpp files to a group named "Sources"), running the tests just says 
'Project is null for "". Removing from test run. Check the test 
environment.'. I have to add an explicit Group item in the actual test 
product instead of depending on a module to add the sources Group item. 
I don't know yet, whether that is a bug of the QbsProjectManager plugin 
or Qbs. I will keep you posted when I have had the time to find out.

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