[Qbs] Generated header files used by multiple products

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You can make a separate product generating those files and depend on it in
two others

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 12:00 PM, Christian Gudrian <
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> Hello!
> In our project we are using a custom module to generate header files with
> classes that descend from QObject.
> If a single product depends on this generator module everything works as
> expected.  A second product, however, may not as well depend on the
> generator module, as Qbs complains about duplicate output artifacts.
> Without the explicit dependency to the generator module the second product
> compiles nonetheless (as the header files have already been generated).
> But now it's the linker that complains about missing symbols from the moc
> generated source files.
> How to share generated header files across products while pertaining moc
> awareness?
> Christian
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