[Qbs] Qbs status update - looking for a maintainer

Tino Pyssysalo tino.pyssysalo at qt.io
Wed Apr 3 07:17:39 CEST 2019

Hello everybody,

As planned last year, The Qt Company continues supporting Qbs until the end of this year. Well beforehand the  support ends, we wish to start preparing a smooth handover of the project.

We have asked our Qbs customers and current contributors whether they liked to continue working with Qbs. Currently, we have a group of seven active persons, who have expressed their interest in contributing to Qbs also after the handover.

In addition to contributors, the Qbs project would need a new maintainer. Christian Kandeler has done a great job, but his effort is needed in other projects as well. We are looking for a new maintainer, who has a good understanding of Qbs and will take responsibility for tasks such as continuous integration and release management. Suggestions are welcome.

After a new maintainer has been nominated, we plan to have an open workshop, where concrete handover steps will be agreed.

Tino Pyssysalo
Senior Product Manager
The Qt Company

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