[Qbs] qbs command line help vs. documentation on qbs.io needs clarification

Maximilian Hrabowski hrabowski at clausmark.com
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Further below the doc says: "The position of the property assignment is important. In the example above, the profile property is set for all build configurations that come afterwards.”

So my questions are:

- Is profile:xxx a property assignment or something special and should it come before the config:xxx parameters of after?

It's a special property for the command line, like "config". Whether or not you put it before or after the "config" value makes a difference only when building for several configurations at once, as explained in the documentation you quoted above.

- What means “debug” (qbs.io<http://qbs.io><http://qbs.io>) compared to “config:debug” (cmd help), which is right, which is outdated?

config:debug is right.

For my configuration, it does not work if config:debug comes before the profile, but i do not have any default profile set.

You'll need to clarify what you mean by that.

It seems

> qbs config:release profile:xxx

just works. but when i try to build both configurations

> qbs config:debug config:release profile:xxx

it fails with errors for configuration "release" (can’t resolve module “cpp”, “Qt.core” etc.), whereas

> qbs config:release config:debug profile:xxx

fails for “debug”. It seems the second config is not associated with the profile.

> qbs profile:xxx config:debug config:release

works for me. Maybe the latter does not do what i expect.


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