[Qbs] Install/Depends resolution changed from qbs 1.12.2 to qbs 1.13.0?

Frederik Christiani frederik at vikingsoftware.com
Thu May 16 12:20:25 CEST 2019

On 16-05-2019 11:28, Maximilian Hrabowski wrote:
> Sorry, I forgot to mention that this happens on macOs only, windows is fine.
>> On 16. May 2019, at 11:17, Maximilian Hrabowski 
>> <hrabowski at clausmark.com <mailto:hrabowski at clausmark.com>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> after upgrading to qbs 1.13 our build was broken.

>> I’m not sure whether this is a regression (maybe introduced by the new 
>> install/installDir properties) or there is just a flaw in our 
>> dependencies.
>> Any ideas?

I ran into a similar problem and solved it by explicitly setting 
qbs.installPrefix to an empty string.

Kind regards,

Frederik Christiani
Viking Software

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