[Qbs] Accessing qbs.architecture in Probe

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Thu Jan 30 13:27:42 CET 2020

>> Here's the probe. I is instantiated at project level where the value of
>> 'generatedQbsFilePath' is added to the 'references' property.

Leon, would you please post your probe code to the mailing list? I am
generally interested in Qbs Conan integration and would like to see how
others do it.

> That's generally a problem. Modules are per-product, and with very few
> exceptions (constants like qbs.hostOS) will not have proper values on the
> project level. Though it will still work if you set the architecture via
> a profile.

If you know what architecture your project will be built for, specify a
project property and set this from command line (or in Qt Creator).

Note that such an architecture-agnostic Conan probe breaks if you are going
to multiplex a product over different architectures. In that case it would
better to put the probe into the product or even a separate module. Make
every product in your project depend on that module. The probe should only
run a single time for the whole project. Then you should be able to use
properties from the qbs module as inputs of the probe.


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