[Qbs] How to use texttemplate module?

Jochen Ulrich jochen.ulrich at clausmark.com
Thu Sep 10 10:38:03 CEST 2020

> wouldn't it be a good idea to add
>     additionalProductTypes: [product.texttemplate.outputTag]
> to the texttemplate module?

I think that's wrong.

Because if the output of the text template should be processed further (for example, it creates a .cpp file which should be compiled into an application or library), then the output artifacts need to have a corresponding tag set via the ` texttemplate.outputTag` property.
And if the texttemplate module would set `additionalProductTypes: [product.texttemplate.outputTag]` then the Product containing the template would also get these tags (for example "cpp") which is wrong (it's an application/library, not a cpp file).


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