[Qbs] Depending on binary from install-root

Jochen Becher jochen_becher at gmx.de
Thu Sep 9 13:25:50 CEST 2021

Hi Richard,

thank you for the prompt answer. Adding explicit dependency on
"installable" works. But adding the input dependency on application
does not:

The rule uses

inputs: [ "alang"]

to depend on the alang source code files. When I add additionally

inputsFromDependencies: [ "application" ]

it doesn't work. inputs["application"] is always undefined. If I remove
the inputs setting it finds the application but then the transpiler
gets no input source code. Seems like inputs and inputsFromDependencies
are mutual exclusive. I couldn't find a way to depend on both at the
same time.

Regards, Jochen

Am Mittwoch, dem 08.09.2021 um 23:09 +0200 schrieb Richard Weickelt:
> > Any idea how I can force the rule to depend on the binary in
> > install-
> > root/bin?
> I think it's cleaner to follow
> https://code.qt.io/cgit/qbs/qbs.git/tree/examples/code-generator and
> use the
> transpiler binary in the build directory. That is what your rule
> really
> depends on (explicitlyDependsOnFromDependencies).
> If you still need to deploy the transpiler first, then try to add
> "installable" to your explicitlyDependsOn. All installed files get
> that tag
> assigned and so your transpiler rule should wait until installation
> of all
> dependency products has completed.
> Richard
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