[Qbs] Failed 'PackageBuild' product on QBS 1.22

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at qt.io
Tue May 17 18:27:57 CEST 2022

On 5/17/22 17:40, Карелин Павел wrote:
> In passing, one more question: the libmod.qbs file does not appear in the
>>> project tree in QtC.
>> It does, in the last tree branch, "Qbs files".
>> Note that in your attached project, qbssearchPaths is missing, so if 
>> that worked on your system, then the library might have been pulled 
>> in from somewhere else, such as a global search path.
> The qbsSearchPaths parameter is present. See file project.qbs

Right, I saw only product.qbs.

> In my work projects, the "Qbs files" section is present. And in this 
> mini-project, for some reason, it is not. So I decided to pay 
> attention to this.
It is for me. Have you perhaps checked "simplify tree" in the project 
tree settings?


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