[Qt-creator] QT Creator 2.4.0 feature request

Uwe Fechner u.fechner at tudelft.nl
Thu Dec 15 12:13:25 CET 2011


thanks a lot for the new release.

I like the feature, to run a different executable than the compiled 
program on a remote target
a lot. (We need it, to start a daemon with real-time priority).

But I am now missing another feature:
I would like to "kill" the daemon gently, that means with:
 > kill -2 $PID or
 > kill -INT $PID

Which kind of kill signal is currently used by QT Creator, if I press 
the red "stop" button?
Is it the equivalent of "kill $PID" or the equivalent of "kill -9 $PID"?

We use debian 5.0 as target operating system.

Best regards:

Uwe Fechner

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