[Qt-creator] QT Creator 2.4.0 feature request

daniel.molkentin at nokia.com daniel.molkentin at nokia.com
Fri Dec 16 11:07:28 CET 2011

On Dec 16, 2011, at 10:56 , ext Christian Kandeler wrote:

> The whole stop mechanism is a bit of a mess. Ideally, I would like to do 
> something like this:
> 	kill -SIGTERM $PID || kill -SIGKILL $PID
> However, the kill command is not completely synchronous in that it does 
> not check whether the process does actually exit. So if your application 
> does this:
> 	signal(SIGTERM, SIGN_IGN);
> then the above command line will return success, but the process will 
> happily keep running.
> So my proposal would be to only call the kill command once, but let the 
> user choose between SIGTERM and SIGKILL in the run configuration (or 
> perhaps offer all signals?). I would then also change the current 
> behavior of blindly assuming that the process has exited after the kill 
> command and instead wait for the process before reporting the run 
> control as finished. In case a process really hangs, the user would have 
> to close the run control via the "x" button.
> Sound sensible?

As a sensible (and in my eyes) default behavior, how about sending a sigterm, and a sigkill when the user presses the button again? Maybe we could modify the button after the first press, to indicate that it's indeed trying to do something.


(self-confessed fan of the "if it fails, try again" paradigm :)

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