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On 3 Nov 2011, at 17:58, ext Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos wrote:

> On Thursday 03 November 2011 17:42:07 eike.ziller at nokia.com wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've put the Qt Creator Submit Policies (i.e. what branches we have for
>> what, and what states they go through) into the wiki, similar to the ones
>> for the Qt Framework.
>> http://wiki.qt-project.org/Qt_Creator_Submit_Policies
> Is there any policy regarding creating topic branches? only maintener? 
> reviewer? everybody?
> Just asking, didn't try.

Good question, I started wondering about what the policy is or should be for that too, in the context of your "script plugin" suggestion.
The only info on the wiki that I can find is
"Should you be working on a feature with several other people, *the CLA requires you to use a feature branch on Gerrit* where you all can contribute and review each other's patches while you develop. The best way to create a feature branch on Gerrit is to get in touch with the Gerrit Administrators by contacting them on the #qt-labs IRC channel on Freenode." (http://wiki.qt-project.org/Branch_Guidelines)

I basically see these possible ways to create separate "branches":

1) A real git branch in gerrit's qt-creator/qt-creator
That would be beside the master & release branches. *Everyone* pulling Qt Creator automatically pulls these too, so I'd say they must be very limited. Or perhaps we shouldn't use them at all for "topic branches". If we do use them, we need some sort of policy *what* may be there, and I'd say a maintainer must agree.

2) Gerrit project, qt-creator/*
I suppose it would be possible to create separate (sub-)projects on gerrit, e.g. qt-creator/scriptplugin or something like that. Since these are really separate git repositories they don't affect people who pull qt-creator/qt-creator. Would be a bit similar to gitorious' repository clones. We should probably still have some sort of creation policy, and maybe also when they'll be removed again. But this could be handled with less restrictions than 1)

3) gitorious clone or clone whereever.
Has the advantage of no restriction or policies, but the disadvantages of a) missing discoverability, and b) the "CLA requires you to use a feature branch on Gerrit" point above.

What do you think?
To me 2) sounds like the only reasonable way to do it, because we potentially need to be able to provide "topic branches" on gerrit for anyone and anything (because of the CLA), and using separate repositories makes most sense (also "in the spirit of git")

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