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I think #2 makes most sense as well.


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> >> I've put the Qt Creator Submit Policies (i.e. what branches we have
> >> for what, and what states they go through) into the wiki, similar to
> >> the ones for the Qt Framework.
> >> http://wiki.qt-project.org/Qt_Creator_Submit_Policies
> >
> > Is there any policy regarding creating topic branches? only maintener?
> > reviewer? everybody?
> > Just asking, didn't try.
> Good question, I started wondering about what the policy is or should be for
> that too, in the context of your "script plugin" suggestion.
> The only info on the wiki that I can find is "Should you be working on a feature
> with several other people, *the CLA requires you to use a feature branch on
> Gerrit* where you all can contribute and review each other's patches while you
> develop. The best way to create a feature branch on Gerrit is to get in touch
> with the Gerrit Administrators by contacting them on the #qt-labs IRC channel
> on Freenode." (http://wiki.qt-project.org/Branch_Guidelines)
> I basically see these possible ways to create separate "branches":
> 1) A real git branch in gerrit's qt-creator/qt-creator That would be beside the
> master & release branches. *Everyone* pulling Qt Creator automatically pulls
> these too, so I'd say they must be very limited. Or perhaps we shouldn't use
> them at all for "topic branches". If we do use them, we need some sort of policy
> *what* may be there, and I'd say a maintainer must agree.
> 2) Gerrit project, qt-creator/*
> I suppose it would be possible to create separate (sub-)projects on gerrit, e.g.
> qt-creator/scriptplugin or something like that. Since these are really separate
> git repositories they don't affect people who pull qt-creator/qt-creator. Would
> be a bit similar to gitorious' repository clones. We should probably still have
> some sort of creation policy, and maybe also when they'll be removed again.
> But this could be handled with less restrictions than 1)
> 3) gitorious clone or clone whereever.
> Has the advantage of no restriction or policies, but the disadvantages of a)
> missing discoverability, and b) the "CLA requires you to use a feature branch on
> Gerrit" point above.
> What do you think?
> To me 2) sounds like the only reasonable way to do it, because we potentially
> need to be able to provide "topic branches" on gerrit for anyone and anything
> (because of the CLA), and using separate repositories makes most sense (also
> "in the spirit of git")
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