[Qt-creator] [Dev] Qt Creator 2.4.0 rc is out, 2.4 branch freezing

Tim Sander tim01 at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Thu Nov 17 23:09:10 CET 2011


I have been testing rc today with remote deployment generic linux.
It is working fine so far, but when the debugger freezes for some 
unknown reason sometimes the whole session goes lost when qtcreator crashes.

Further there seems to be a race which crashes qtcreator when stopping an 
application (remote) and then closing its output window. When the process 
isn't already stopped there is a window asking to stop the process. If 
confirmed qtcreator crashes.

Further it would be nice to check for needed programs on the target. If for 
example pkill would be missing, this could be checked for in device view.

And since christmas is close i really would like to see a search within a 
search result and tabbed search results.

Also easter is already on the horizon so it would also be neat to have more 
gdb python pretty printing for some objects like qdbus messages and other 
complex qt data types.

I reported that already but the toolchain detection which selected the wrong 
config in 2.3 is working now as expected.

Also debugging has improved much, still a little bit flaky but probably i 
should update gdb to 7.3.1 from 7.2.

These are my impressions so far. Thanks for your hard work and this nice IDE.


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