[Qt-creator] [Dev] Qt Creator 2.4.0 rc is out, 2.4 branch freezing

André Pönitz poenitz at htwm.de
Fri Nov 18 02:03:41 CET 2011

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 11:09:10PM +0100, Tim Sander wrote:
> Hi
> I have been testing rc today with remote deployment generic linux.
> It is working fine so far, but when the debugger freezes for some 
> unknown reason sometimes the whole session goes lost when qtcreator crashes.

"Freezing" as in "needs 30 seconds to load a chunk of debug info, and 
continues afterwards", or as in "Completely stops working"?

Can you send me the debugger log, i.e. the contents of the right pane of
Windows->Views->Debugger Log?

> [...]
> Also easter is already on the horizon so it would also be neat to have more 
> gdb python pretty printing for some objects like qdbus messages and other 
> complex qt data types.

Well, that part should be doable... file an issue on bugreports.qt.nokia.com
with the types you need (as in "actually use", not a full list of all Qt types ;-})

> Also debugging has improved much, still a little bit flaky but probably i 
> should update gdb to 7.3.1 from 7.2.

7.3.1 _is_ better than 7.2, but not so much that it would show a lot.
I guess I'd like to see the log ;-)


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