[Qt-creator] Where does Creator pick up it code completions?

Danny Price deepblue842 at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 15 12:07:08 CET 2012

Hey guys,

Creator's code completion has always been first class but recently I've
been having some issues with it.

I installed GCC 4.6.0 to make use of the new C++11 features and boost 4.8.

Creator's editor doesn't understand the new syntax like the new range
iterators but I can live with that as the code compiles.

However it fails to offer completions for things like std::shared_ptr or
std::unordered_map even though the headers are included and the code
compiles. Yet similar constructs in boost, like boost::shared_ptr get

Visual Studio (or rather VA Assist as Visual Studio's C++ 'intellisence' is
rubbish) has a list of editable paths and a database from which it gathers
all the symbols but I couldn't see anything like that in Creator. How is it
building these completions?
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