[Qt-creator] pause debugger on assert?

Liam Staskawicz lstask at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 21:48:31 CET 2012


I'm developing a Makefile based non-Qt C++ project on Windows with mingw
and Qt Creator 2.4.1 at the moment, and just about everything is working
splendidly - thanks! 2 minor issues I'm having:

- when I'm debugging (with GDB), the debugger does not pause when an
assert() is triggered, and instead exits without giving me a chance to
examine the stack, etc. Is this expected behavior? Is there a recommended
way to configure the debugger to pause on assert?

- when debugging, stdout gets routed to the debug console (mixed with the
other debug output) instead of to the 'Application Output' tab as it does
when run normally. Is it possible to configure the debugger to send stdout
to the Application Output console?

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