[Qt-creator] Multimonitor support for qt-creator

Alexander Rukletsov rukletsov at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 12:34:04 CET 2012

It would be great to have multimonitor support in public. For me it is the
most wanted feature missing in Creator. I will definitely vote for any
working/stable solution in master.


On 27 February 2012 12:22, Kirill Bobkov <eax32bit at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, Qt developers.
> I am using qtcreator since 1.3 version.
> But there is not multimonitor support in qtcreator. I can't undock
> source/header editor from main window.
> I wrote some plugin to resolve this issue.
> But i have some problems -
> We need to patch /coreplugin/editormanager/editormanager.h
> We must make these methods public:
>     void setCurrentEditor(IEditor *editor, bool ignoreNavigationHistory =
> false);
>     void closeEditor(IEditor *editor);
> to use them in our plugin to make reparented editor active (if we don't
> make out editor current - some key bindings will not work)
> or close editor when we close our undocked window.
> If we patch editormanager.h all work's fine.
> May be you make these changes in main qt-creator source tree?
> P.S. Sory for my bad english.
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