[Qt-creator] Disabling bits of version control functionality

Peter Pearson peter at thefoundry.co.uk
Wed Feb 29 15:45:52 CET 2012

On 29/02/12 14:35, eike.ziller at nokia.com wrote:
> On 29 Feb 2012, at 15:01, ext Peter Pearson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Using Qt Creator 2.4, is there any way to disable any of the version
>> control functionality?
>> Specifically, when creating new source files or classes, Qt Creator
>> always by default specifies to add it to source control, which I never
>> want - I have to select "None" each time I add a file.
>> Similarly, whenever I remove (and delete) files from Qt Creator in the
>> Projects Tree view, even if the file isn't under source control, Qt
>> Creator asks me if I want to remove the file from the version control
>> system.
>> Is there any way currently to disable both of these things?
> You can disable all version control plugins through turning off all items in Help>  About Plugins>  Version Control (and restart).
> That won't remove the source control UI from the wizards, but it can only default to None then ;)
> (though Qt Creator should probably remember your choice there too)

But then I lose the stuff like Annotate and Diff which I *do* find 
useful I guess?

>> I guess the fact that Qt Creator asks to remove the file from version
>> control when it isn't could maybe be classed as a bug?
> Sounds like it, yes.

Cool, down as QTCREATORBUG-7016.

Peter Pearson

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