[Qt-creator] Installer plugin (3rd party developer thoughts)

Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos nicolas.arnaud-cormos at kdab.com
Fri Jan 6 11:04:41 CET 2012

On Wednesday 04 January 2012 22:11:38 Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to propose a new plugin for Qt Creator: the installer plugin.
> This plugin allow 3rd party developper to create a package for their plugin
> that user can install.
> http://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,12154

(trying to put some life in this mailing-list :)

The code has been review by andre, and a small discussion followed on irc. 
Basically, the plugin scope may be extended to use the installer framework 
(http://qt.gitorious.org/installer-framework - used by the Qt SDK).

I'm going to investigate in this direction now, putting the review on hold for 
the moment.

The log:
<andre>   nikikko: re your installer plugin.
<nikikko> andre: hi
<andre>   do you have any intension to extend the scope at some point of time, 
like to create installers using the installer framework for "normal" 
applications created with creator?
<nikikko> I was focusing mainly on 3rd party resources for Qt Creator
<nikikko> I didn't think about that
<nikikko> indeed, the name may be wrong
<nikikko> what is the installer framework can do?
<nikikko> that would be a killer feature to be able to package application 
from within Qt Creator, but I guess it's a bit out of the scope
<andre>   nikikko: the installer framework can e.g. do what the current sdk 
installer does
<andre>   [and it's not exactly out of scope, it has been on my christmas 
holiday agenda for three years now ;-}]
<nikikko> andre: where is it in the source?
<andre>   the installer framework?
<nikikko> yep
<andre>   it's on gitorious http://qt.gitorious.org/installer-framework
<andre>   it's not part of qt creator
<andre>   but that'd certainly be a tolerable "dependency"
<nikikko> andre: that would be a natural evolution of the installer plugin: 
allowing people to create installer for their apps (as well as QtC plugin...)
<nikikko> I need to play a bit with this idea first, see what you could do with 
the installer
<andre>   nikikko: no problem.
<andre>   for a decision on the current incarnation of the plugin we'd 
probably better wait for eike et al
<nikikko> we probably should wait till I have a look at the installer 
<nikikko> thanks for the input

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