[Qt-creator] alignment after new line for statement continuations

erik.verbruggen at nokia.com erik.verbruggen at nokia.com
Wed Jan 25 09:33:26 CET 2012

On Jan 24, 2012, at 17:39, ext Yi Ding wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> First time posting.  First, thanks for making an incredibly awesome IDE.  The super-fast (and very accurate) code completion is killer, so please don't get rid of that (been reading the Clang threads a bit, and while Clang is incredibly cool, it'd be a sad day if Qt Creator's code completion became as slow as visual studio's).
> I do have a question with regard to indentation though.  Currently, it looks like even when I set my indentation to 4 spaces, if I have a statement continuation on a new line, it indents by 8.
> For example:
> if I want to have
> return a +
>    b;
> It will instead default to
> return a +
>         b;

Yes, the second line with "b;" is a continuation line, which we indent by 2x indent-width. You can change this for conditions and assignments, but not (yet) for return statements. So please file a feature request on bugreports.qt.nokia.com.

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