[Qt-creator] Target requirements for Generic Linux Device

Duane Hebert duane.hebert at group-upc.com
Wed Jan 25 14:18:11 CET 2012

>> I have two systems that I?m testing with and I can connect to one with 

>> Fedora 9 installed. For this one, I can connect from another Linux or 

>> from Windows with no issues. The one that doesn?t work is running 

>> Fedora 8. On this one, I can?t connect through QtCreator. I can 

>> connect to it manually using SSH in a terminal or using the gnome 

>> filesystem ui to connect to it as a server.


>> I?ve tried both with Username/Password and public/private key. In both 

>> cases, I get timeout waiting for response from server.


>Assuming that all parameters have been entered correctly, the only things
that come to mind are issues with firewalls or a >non-standard SSH server.


So I'm assuming based on your reply that it only needs to have SSH running
and port 22 open.


Firewall was disabled and SSH service running.  We installed a current
Ubuntu and the problem went away.

I can now connect.  


Now if I can figure out how to deploy to it...



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