[Qt-creator] Create target path for remote device

Pasi Petäjäjärvi pasi.petajajarvi at digia.com
Wed Jan 25 16:51:34 CET 2012


You have define files to be deployed in project (.pro) file.
Something like this:

linux-* {
     target.path = /usr/local/myprogram
     INSTALLS += target

See more info here:

On 01/25/2012 05:35 PM, Duane Hebert wrote:
> Fresh install of Qt Creator/ SDK on Fedora 9.
> I’m trying to build a project to be deployed and subsequently debugged
> on another linux box.
> I have the device defined and can test the connection. I’m stuck at the
> run configuration where there is a listbox with local file path and
> remote directory.
> I don’t see how to add paths to the remote directory.
> In the help, it shows selecting “Create Tarball and Deploy to Linux
> Host” as the type of deployment. I don’t see that but I do see the
> Remote Linux Connection there and when I select that one, I can choose
> the device that I created. There are also a couple of buttons on the
> right of the file list box for adding files. I don’t see these.
> I’m creating a QtWidget project as a QtApplication . It builds and runs
> as long as I don’t set it up to deploy.
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