[Qt-creator] Getting Qt Creator ready for Qt 5

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Wed Jan 25 17:46:06 CET 2012

In regards to "- change the coding guidelines to say that Qt headers have to
be included without module name"

#include <QString>

Instead of 

#include <QtCore/QString>

Would that just be for QtCreator's internal reference to Qt headers, or also
a guideline for everyone's use of Qt headers that is using QtCreator?

If it's a guideline for just QtCreator's internal reference, then I'll defer
to others.

If it’s a guideline for everyone's use of Qt headers, then I'd be opposed to
that.  Having the module name in the include lets you just have the parent
directory in the include path (if you're say referencing Qt out of your own
source control, or have the same header used both in a QtCreator project and
a separate build system).  It also works out nicely on Mac for how framework
headers are referenced if you're using some of Qt as a set of frameworks
from say an Xcode project.


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Hello all,

With Qt 5 well under way, we would like to make Qt Creator ready to be
compiled against it. The major hurdle here is to get the includes right in
such a way that Qt Creator can be compiled against both Qt 4 and Qt 5. For
this, we will use the fixqt4headers.pl script, which is part of Qt5, to
strip all module names from the includes.

So, the proposal is to:
 - do one (big) commit which touches almost all source files
 - change the coding guidelines to say that Qt headers have to be included
without module name
 - manually fix all remaining compilation problems against Qt 5

Opinions/feedback are welcome. If there is none, or if we have violent
agreement, we will give a heads-up on when we will do the change.

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