[Qt-creator] Custom plugin for drivers building. Unnecessary custom Tool Chains showing.

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Fri Jan 27 15:09:16 CET 2012

27.01.2012, 18:00, "Denis Shienkov" <scapig2 at yandex.ru>:
> Hi.
> I decided to create a plugin for the assembly of the drivers in Qt Creator.
> The project has only just begun: https://gitorious.org/qt-creator-drivers-builder-project-manager-plugin
> Are currently stored in the repository plug-in two parts: to build Linux and Windows drivers separately.
> At the moment I'm more interested in the plug-in for Windows.
> At the moment I have a problem with displaying the list of available ToolChains (WDK).
> The problem is that in the source QtCreator (2.4) in the file \plugins\projectexplorer\toolchainoptionspage.cpp
> ToolChainModel::ToolChainModel(QWidget *configWidgetParent, QObject *parent)
> {
>     ...
>     ...
>     foreach (ToolChain *tc, ToolChainManager::instance()->toolChains()) {
>         addToolChain(tc);
>     }
> }
> ie This model shows all the registered QtCreator tool chains, including custom (that derived from base class ToolChain).
> And he showed it all on one page: Tools->Options->Build&Run->ToolChains tab.
> But I do not need. I created a custom OptionsPage, which appears as an additional tab "WinDrv Toolchains" (for example, by analogy with the General, Qt Versions, CMake tabs).

Why do you want to separate your toolchains from all other?

Given description of your project, I even don't understand why you do need custom toolchains. Does building of Windows driver need specific compiler?


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