[Qt-creator] Custom plugin for drivers building. Unnecessary custom Tool Chains showing.

tobias.hunger at nokia.com tobias.hunger at nokia.com
Tue Jan 31 14:29:30 CET 2012

> I decided to create a plugin for the assembly of the drivers in Qt Creator.

Hey, welcome!


> At the moment I have a problem with displaying the list of available ToolChains (WDK).


> ie This model shows all the registered QtCreator tool chains, including custom (that derived from base class
> ToolChain).

> And he showed it all on one page: Tools->Options->Build&Run->ToolChains tab.

That is correct: Tools->Options->Build&Run->Tool Chains is supposed to list all the tool chains known to Qt Creator. This is so that the user has a way to verify that his tool chains are properly discovered/configured and can change the configuration.

Note that the list of tool chains displayed there is *not* (necessarily) the list of tool chains available to you when configuring a specific project. Each target in a project can limit the list of tool chains that are available to the build configurations it has. We use that to e.g. make sure only tool chains matching the Qt version used are available when building Qt projects (e.g. mingw tool chains are not offered when working with a MSVC2008 build Qt).

> I created a custom OptionsPage, which appears as an additional tab "WinDrv Toolchains" (for example, by
> analogy with the General, Qt Versions, CMake tabs).
> I planned that I will show all available Windows Drivers tool chains only in their own tab  "WinDrv Toolchains".

Why? What makes them so different from the other tool chains that you need a separate tab (or maybe even two tabs once you add support for Linux drivers)? Why do you want the user have to check three options pages to check all his tool chains instead of one?

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Best Regards,

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