[Qt-creator] QtCreator C++ code parser and clang integration status

Flex Ferrum flexferrum at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 20:14:23 CET 2012


(repost from qt development mailing list)

When I tried to use QtCreator in my current development projects based
on C++11 features I was faced with some issues in qtc internal C++
parser. One of such issues (code completion support for auto
variables) I recently fixed and pushed into master qtc branch. I could
try to fix others, but I think what it will be waste of time if clang
frontend will be integrated into qtc in the near future. May be my
help in this integration could be more useful. So, my question is:
which help is needed? Should I try to fix current version of C++
parser or it will better if I focus on clang wrapper?

Best regards,
Flex Ferrum

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