[Qt-creator] QtCreator C++ code parser and clang integration status

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Tue Jan 31 22:57:58 CET 2012

On 31.01.2012 18:34, André Pönitz wrote:
> On Tuesday 31 January 2012 17:39:28 ext Peter Kuemmel wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> When I tried to use QtCreator in my current development projects based
>>> on C++11 features I was faced with some issues in qtc internal C++
>>> parser. One of such issues (code completion support for auto
>>> variables) I recently fixed and pushed into master qtc branch. I could
>>> try to fix others, but I think what it will be waste of time if clang
>>> frontend will be integrated into qtc in the near future. May be my
>>> help in this integration could be more useful. So, my question is:
>>> which help is needed? Should I try to fix current version of C++
>>> parser or it will better if I focus on clang wrapper?
>> ATM they don't know which route they will go. Maybe they will drop
>> clang because it is much slower then the old parser, maybe they
>> switch to clang. In any case, your risk to waste your time.
>> I personally prefer clang (maybe only optionally), but I stopped
>> testing it because of the 'maybe'.
> The actual route will be chosen by the people that do the work.
> If you don't contribute to either route - even at the risk that someone
> on the "other" route is faster or better - your impact on the final
> outcome might be limited... ;-)

I didn't know there is a contest :)

> [Apart from that I currently think that the solution in the end will be
> some kind of a hybrid, so the risk to waste time is very low]

Anyway, it would really help to become more clear about the roadmap.
Couldn't we/you make any decision what will happen in concrete?

An idea I have is:
Because clang is so(too) slow when it is used to parse the complete
code when a project is opened, we use it only for special files.

Only opened files will be parsed by clang, only then the context
and code navigation should be "perfect"?


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