[Qt-creator] code style politic question

christian.d.kamm at nokia.com christian.d.kamm at nokia.com
Mon Jul 2 08:36:59 CEST 2012

> is anyone currently already working on implementing such a feature?

I don't think so. It's been requested often though, so it'd be great if you could find the time to work on it!

> i would be implementing the following (in that order):

I recommend splitting it into these steps:
* Add control over pointer/reference/const/spacing formatting to Overview (src/libs/cplusplus/Overview.*). Overview is used to convert types to strings in a lot of places.
* Don't forget to add tests to tests/auto/cplusplus/typeprettyprinter.
* Put the changes so far on codereview.
* Add options to the C++ code style ui.
* Go through the code and make most uses of Overview accept the correct style settings. This is probably the biggest part. It will also require small changes to other often-used components of the cplusplus library that use Overview.

> after having them i'd like to look at seeing where else these options apply (if someone could provide me with some hints that would be nice). then i could fix those hardcoded rules too to use the (by then) introduced options.

git grep '^\s*Overview '
is a good start.


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