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Luc Vlaming mail at lucvlaming.com
Mon Jul 9 07:41:53 CEST 2012


could anyone point me in the right direction with respect to how to build
the qtcreator tests? i spent some time to understand all code last weekend
related to the formatting and i think i understand it now...
however, i cannot get to build the tests... or maybe i simply looked over
them. i know the source files for the test i want to build are located
in tests/auto/cplusplus/typeprettyprinter/
however when i run qmake tests/auto/cplusplus/typeprettyprinter/
cplusplus.pro it seems to require other .pro files, which is also true for
any of the .pro files in higher directories (except for the global
qtcreator.pro file)
i also tried running qmake with something like "CONFIG+=TEST" or "TEST=1"
since it seemed somehow this should do something but i couldn't get it to
with all the options etc in the end qmake didn't generate any (buildable)
target (got a list using tab completion) that was named *cplusplus* or

i also had a look @ http://qt-project.org/contribute and here
http://wiki.qt-project.org/Main_Page and
http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building-Qt-Creator-Packages but there is not
really a page telling how to start the tests...

so my question then is: how do i build these tests?

thanks for the help, and hopefully i will be able to do more in the next
weekend i've got some spare time ;)


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 8:36 AM, <christian.d.kamm at nokia.com> wrote:

> > is anyone currently already working on implementing such a feature?
> I don't think so. It's been requested often though, so it'd be great if
> you could find the time to work on it!
> > i would be implementing the following (in that order):
> I recommend splitting it into these steps:
> * Add control over pointer/reference/const/spacing formatting to Overview
> (src/libs/cplusplus/Overview.*). Overview is used to convert types to
> strings in a lot of places.
> * Don't forget to add tests to tests/auto/cplusplus/typeprettyprinter.
> * Put the changes so far on codereview.
> * Add options to the C++ code style ui.
> * Go through the code and make most uses of Overview accept the correct
> style settings. This is probably the biggest part. It will also require
> small changes to other often-used components of the cplusplus library that
> use Overview.
> > after having them i'd like to look at seeing where else these options
> apply (if someone could provide me with some hints that would be nice).
> then i could fix those hardcoded rules too to use the (by then) introduced
> options.
> git grep '^\s*Overview '
> is a good start.
> Cheers,
> Christian
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